LossLess Codec

Unique algorithm of compression

About Codec

The implementation of a unique data compression algorithm, as well as the inverse method of their recovery. The algorithm allows you to store information using less memory, while preserving the original quality of the transmitted information.

The main disadvantages of existing algorithms:

  • Insufficient compression
  • The need for fast communication channels
  • Sharp deterioration in quality in case of communication channel failures
  • The need for large computing resources
  • Too much battery consumption in mobile devices


The use of a unique algorithm (codec) does not take away computing resources, power and power consumption, which is especially noticeable in the transmission of large amounts of data and saves traffic. This is possible not only for audio and video, but for any data.

Consumers of cellular Internet will be able to reduce their traffic in dozens of times and get for the same money better service and better access to information, voice and video messages.

Our Product

– Our developed compression algorithm is tens of times better and more efficiently compresses data.
– It can be implemented in a separate microchip, which will remove the load from the
processor of the computer.
– Another feature of the algorithm is the transfer of files for small screen sizes and their
deployment on screens of monitors and TVs.
– The algorithm allows you to re-create any source file with 100% accuracy.
– It uses very little computing resources and does not require a large amount of memory to
store intermediate computational results.



Minimum data compression ratio in the demo version

Necessary investments

Since the beginning of the project (2015) until today, the project has invested its own funds in the amount of $ 100 thousand.
These expenses include:
– work of 3 programmers, project manager and CEO
– office work
– corporate expenses (travel, negotiations, collaborations with interested parties)
Required amount of financing:
– 280 000 $ – creating a video player adapted for the algorithm codec;
Auditing services:
– 120 000 $ – evaluation of the project in the company “Gartner”.
Total investment in the project: $ 400,000.
In the future, the project will require:
– 2-3 million $ – creating a chip/microchip
– 1 million $ creation of software for the chip.